Michelle and Sasha Obama enjoying the weather in Estepona

On arrival today, Estepona Town Hall authorized the closure of 45 meters of coastline which faces Hotel Villa Padierna’s beach club for the First Lady and her entourage. Michelle Obama has already stated that it is her intention to fully enjoy the sun and beaches of Estepona.

Many people lined up to meet the First Lady today at the Beach Club Villa Padierna. Although, when the entourage finally arrived it was accompanied by heavy security, making it quite difficult for the some 300 waiting people to get a good view of the first lady.

Works on Beach dampen Michelle Obama Visit

Hotel Villa Padierna

Costalita beach in Estepona is the nearest beach to the very luxury hotel of Villa Padierna. It is this very hotel that Michelle Obama, the US first lady, will be staying with one of her daughters during her stay on the Costa del Sol. So it is very poor indeed that Estepona Town Hall has decided to start a number of works on the beach at the very same time that Michelle Obama will be staying. Creating a bad image during, what has to be, a very historic and proud event for the town of Estepona.