30 Kilos of Sea Anemones illegally caught in Estepona

Six people have been caught by the Guardia Civil steeling Sea Anemones in Estepona. The culprits did not have permission or licence to take the Sea Anemones from the sea. It has been revealed that they were to be sold in Cadiz.

Illegal fishing has become more a problem in the last 18 months along the whole of the Costa del Sol as recession bites and people take more risks in order gain income.

Goup of walkers get lost near to Estepona

Officers from the Guardia Civil have rescued seven walkers, including four children, who had become lost in the Sierra Bermeja in the municipality of Estepona.

The Guardia received notice of the incident at about 15.00 last Monday after a number of the party used mobile phones to report that they were lost.

The group of walkers were walking route through the Sierra de Los Reales when it started to rain intensely followed by dense fog, which left them disoriented.

They were only able to give the Guardia a rough description of where they were. However, the civil guards told them not to move from there current location until they arrived to rescue them.

With a matter of a few hours the Guardia had located the group and all returned safely to their homes.