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Two local policemen in Estepona arrested for the alleged rape of an 18 year old woman

The 18 year old woman in question apparently invited the two police officers to her house, along with two friends. The officers had been conducting blood alcohol control.

The Court of Estepona has ordered the arrest of two police officers,  allegedly involved in a sexual assault on a woman 18 years old last Saturday. The Local police officers are aged 37 and 38 and are charged with the alleged commission of crimes including sexual assault, threats and prevarication.

On Saturday night the victim, along with two friends, arrived in Estepona to spend a few days of rest after finishing an exam. The vehicle in which they were traveling was stopped by the two officers who asked the person who was driving if he had taken alcohol, to which he responded affirmatively arguing that they were celebrating.

The group of young people, according to his version, maintained a conversation with the agents to try to avoid the fine, to which supposedly they agreed that the police officers could come to the house of the victim to have a drink.

The police appeared in the house uniformed and carrying cocaine, according to the victim. Upon seeing the situation, her friend left the house after having a panic attack and called the Ambulance services and the National Police. Meanwhile the agents stripped the other girl, put the cocaine on her naked body and began to consume it. The male friend who was still in the house asked them to stop but one of the agents took him out of the room. It was at this time, according to the victim, that she was attacked.

According to police sources, when the National Police went to the house the Ambulance services provided medical care to the girl and the protocol of sexual aggression was initiated. Subsequently, the girl was taken to the Costa del Sol Hospital.

The mayor of Estepona, José María García Urbano, commented that once the Town Hall became aware of the arrest warrant of the two local police officers, he immediately ordered the suspension of employment and salary of both. 

Drugs Brought Ashore During Daylight Hours

Holiday makers and locals were astounded to see men unloading drugs in daylight hours from boats that had landed on a popular esteponian beach near the Piedra Paloma resort. The drugs were being taken from boats at the seas edge to cars parked on the promenade.

Some of those enjoying the sun felt compelled to call the Local Police. In doing so, the Local Police promptly arrested three of the smugglers and confiscated 234 Kilograms of hash.

British Millionaire Shot Dead in Estepona

Gold trader Andrew Bush has been found dead with gunshot wounds at his Cancelada mansion. Various news agencies are reporting that the police are looking for his ex lover, Mayka Kukucova, who was seen fleeing the mansion shortly before the discovery of Mr Bush’s body. Mr Bush apparently had been shot twice in the head.

The police suspect that the killer has been lying in wait knowing that My Bush would be returning from holiday to the mansion.

Man Shot Dead in Estepona

Shooting in Estepona – A 57 year old man has died this Monday morning after receiving two gunshot wounds, one to the head and one to the back. The man was shot at approx 10:00 am in Calle del Gorrión, close to the Atalaya Hotel complex. The National Police have taken over the investigation and have cordoned off the area. The deceased is a French national of Moroccan origin.

Town Hall Treasurer Suspended for a further Month

Estepona Town Hall have extended, until the end of this month, the suspension of the municipal treasurer Felix Dominguez-Pimienta. This is in relation to financial irregularities brought about by an “accounting mismatch” of around 200,000 euros. The mayor, Jose Maria Garcia Urbano, reported the irregularities to the National Police. The mayor justified the decision stating that all accounting transactions between 2009 to 2012 are to be investigated.

A member of the Camorra Mafia arrested last Tuesday in Estepona.

Salvatore D’Avino was arrested at a petrol station in Estepona as he prepared to return to Morocco. Morocco is where he lived and from where he allegedly directed traffic of hashish to Italy, having spent a few days on the Costa del Sol, where his girlfriend had come to give birth. D’Avino’s arrest, the result of cooperation of security forces in Italy and Spain, was handled by the Guardia Civil. D’Avino is not the first Italian fugitive who seeks refuge in Spain, which has been identified by experts as one of the favourite destinations of the Italian Mafia. In January last year, Paolo di Mauro was arrested in Barcelona he was the third most wanted fugitives in Italy at that time.

30 Kilos of Sea Anemones illegally caught in Estepona

Six people have been caught by the Guardia Civil steeling Sea Anemones in Estepona. The culprits did not have permission or licence to take the Sea Anemones from the sea. It has been revealed that they were to be sold in Cadiz.

Illegal fishing has become more a problem in the last 18 months along the whole of the Costa del Sol as recession bites and people take more risks in order gain income.

Vandalism on increase in Estepona

Vandalism in Estepona

Several Palm trees were set alight on Sunday afternoon by vandals. The trees were located where Avenida de España meets Avenida del Carmen. Vandalism has been on the rise for some time now, especially given the rise in youth unemployment within the town. Last year the statue to the tourist, by the Correos in Estepona, was set alight and destroyed by vandals.

English and Irish families bring lawsuit for properties that were never constructed

About 70 English and Irish families have joined forces to bring a class lawsuit for alleged fraud and embezzlement relating to the construction of 350 apartments in the area of Arroyo Vaquero, Estepona. The events date back to 2006 when Ocean View Properties reached a marketing agreement with the promoter Sun Golf Real Estate Development Ltd to entice the British and Irish families to invest in the promotion. However, four years on and nothing has materialised, no promotion, no building and no money. Antonio Flores the lawyer, who is representing the families, estimates that probably around 20 million Euros has disappeared.

Court system close to chaos in Estepona

The President of the Court of Malaga, Francisco Javier Arroyo has admitted that, after looking at the current crime statistics in Estepona, the town would need a total of nine courts to handle the volume of criminal cases that are currently pending in the Estepona judicial district.

According to Arroyo, the high crime level within the Estepona judicial district, has led to “a situation close to chaos,” despite the “efforts of all members of these courts.”

Estepona currently has just five courts and last year they handled 4,800 criminal cases and 16,000 civil penalties.