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Drugs Brought Ashore During Daylight Hours

Holiday makers and locals were astounded to see men unloading drugs in daylight hours from boats that had landed on a popular esteponian beach near the Piedra Paloma resort. The drugs were being taken from boats at the seas edge to cars parked on the promenade.

Some of those enjoying the sun felt compelled to call the Local Police. In doing so, the Local Police promptly arrested three of the smugglers and confiscated 234 Kilograms of hash.

British Millionaire Shot Dead in Estepona

Gold trader Andrew Bush has been found dead with gunshot wounds at his Cancelada mansion. Various news agencies are reporting that the police are looking for his ex lover, Mayka Kukucova, who was seen fleeing the mansion shortly before the discovery of Mr Bush’s body. Mr Bush apparently had been shot twice in the head.

The police suspect that the killer has been lying in wait knowing that My Bush would be returning from holiday to the mansion.

Foreign Residents Association of Estepona

The recently created Foreign Residents Association of Estepona, A.R.E.M.E. (Asociacion de Residentes Extranjeros de Municipio de Estepona), is hoping to build influence with the Town Hall and the Police so that issues concerning the foreign population can be heard.

Foreigners in Estepona make up some 30% of the town’s population and yet their voice and opinion are often not fully represented. AREME hopes to address this issue by encouraging Estepona’s foreign residents to join the association for just 1€ per year. Obviously the more members there are the more the greater the affect they can have.

Application forms, to join, can be obtained from The Tourist Office near to Estepona Port or by email from Ray Oldfield (rayoldfield @ or Chris Rawlinson (dr_c_rawlinson @ You can also join at any of the meetings.

The next meeting of AREME will take place at Estepona Palacio de Congresos in the foyer on Saturday March 29 from 11.00am to 2.00pm. A member of the Committee will be on hand to help you fill in the application form to join and obtain your membership card at the meeting.

Pedestrian Streets in Estepona

The mayor’s decision to convert a number of streets, in the old town of Estepona, into pedestrian walkways appears to have paid dividends. Visitors and tourists this year have been very impressed with the colour and decoration that these streets now offer.

Calles Peatonales Estepona The Mayor of Estepona, José María García Urbano, at the inauguration of one of the new pedestrian streets.

Murals in Estepona

The Town Hall is commissioning a number of murals in Estepona aimed at making the town more attractive to tourists.

In the Tres Banderas area they have commissioned a mural by artist Conchi Alvarez. The mural is entitled “La casa de la buena gente” (The house of the good people).

Mural Estepona

According to the Town Hall, more murals will be commissioned in other areas of Estepona in the coming year.

Man Shot Dead in Estepona

Shooting in Estepona – A 57 year old man has died this Monday morning after receiving two gunshot wounds, one to the head and one to the back. The man was shot at approx 10:00 am in Calle del Gorrión, close to the Atalaya Hotel complex. The National Police have taken over the investigation and have cordoned off the area. The deceased is a French national of Moroccan origin.

Town Hall to Decrease I.B.I. Tax

Not only are the Town Hall planing to reduce the I.B.I. by 8% they are also planning to reduce the rate of Plusvalia by 60%. Reducing the current rate of 30% to 12%. Estepona has one of the highest I.B.I. costs on the Costa Del Sol due to the fact that the Town Hall re-evaluated the property prices in 2007 at the height of the property boom. It is envisaged that the Town Hall will be in a position to lower the I.B.I. tax again in the coming years.

Cuts Starting to Take Hold

Proposed and ongoing cuts by local, regional and national government are starting to take their toll. On walking around Estepona, it is very difficult to avoid encountering these hand made signs protesting against the cuts.

Estepona Protest Images

Expat Meeting With Mayor

The recent meeting between the Mayor of Estepona, José María García Urbano, and the Expat resident community produced some interesting feedback. One reader of Estepona News, Roy Lawton, attended the event and had the following to say:

“The impression I formed was that the mayor had prepared his case very well, carefully distancing himself and his team from the previous administration.

He emphasised the financials:-

1) We have been operating on a bankrupt basis – too much cost with income unable to match
2) Despite the inability to increase income, there are many opportunities to reduce costs.
3) Privatisation of various municipal functions plus cost reduction has already been very successful in cost saving. There are more to come!!

He claimed that despite overdue debts to suppliers, business relationships are being maintained

He moved on to marketing the town as a tourist attraction:-

4) Initiatives to improve the appearance of the town have been successful.
5) There are more plans in hand – not just reparation but new landmarks and constructions.

At question time he competently dealt with most of the points raised. However, with an audience of mainly retired Northern Europeans, “the elephant in the room” based on recent Estepona history was clearly corruption, and a question from the audience raised this specific issue.

The response from the mayor was unconvincing, or more accurately lacking any degree of emotion to most attendees. and the common view will remain amongst the expatriate community, that with Estepona´s history of corruption there remains a mayoral stage awaiting an anti-corruption visionary.

Finally there was a feeling that the opportunity to professionally market Estepona as a tourist/foreign resident location, remains to be addressed.

On this performance, a good start, but the jury remains out on his administrations´re-election prospects!!”

For those readers that speak Spanish there is a link to a video report of the event from Estepona TV.