Monthy Telphone Bill of 30,000 Euros

Apparently the town hall has a monthly telephone bill in the region of 30,000 Euros. This might explain why telephones have been cut in recent months as the town hall has struggled to pay the bill.

Only this month the town hall has gone to Telefonica cap in hand and asked for more time to pay its outstanding debts to the company – estimated to be around 350,000 Euros.

Estepona Town Hall Still Having Problems With Payroll

In little over a week the City will again have to face the payment of more than 3.8 million Euros representing the monthly salary of a workforce totaling around 1,300 workers,

Although the bank account of the town hall is currently flush to the tune of 20 million Euros (mostly gained from a land rights deal with the Saudi Royal Family) funds cannot be made available from this account under the current constitution.

No Toilet Paper in Estepona Schools

Estepona Town Hall has restored the supply of cleaning products which had been disrupted by the non-payment of 85,000 euros to the main supplying company. The last invoice has now been paid.

The situation had reached such a point that parents of students at certain schools in Estepona had been asked to toilet paper and hand gel to the schools.