Local Children to Learn English

Estepona Town Hall has launched a new program to encourage local Spanish children to learn English. The course, called ‘Saturdays in English’ will be aimed at children between three and 12 years and will cost 35 Euros per month. The classes will focus on spoken English and be held held every Saturday at the municipal centre for adult education in the Plaza of the Missionaries.

Five Fold Increase In Brits Selling Up

The latest figures from Estate agents indicate that the devaluation of the Pound and the rise in local taxation has resulted in a five fold increase in Brits putting their homes up for sale. Most of these Brits are selling up their second home, no longer finding it a viable option to have a holiday home in Spain.

This is particularly prevalent in Estepona due to the almost trebling of local taxes in the past year. With the system very much skewed against foreign residents with large discounts only being available to local residents. A true case of a Town Hall shooting itself in the foot.

Something Borrowed Something Blue

The cycle track being built along the area of Avenida Del Carmen in Estepona has finally got under way again after a four month delay and having been left half built.

Cycle Lane Estepona

Having borrowed enough money to pay the constructors the remaining funds for them to complete the 2.5 million Euro project, painting has commenced in the colour of bright blue.

Initial reaction from local residents is one of aghast, leaving them questioning why Estepona cannot have a cycle track in a similar colour as the cycle tracks in the rest of Europe; that of a darker shade of Green.

Ex Mayor Antonio Barrientos Wants New Judge

Ex Mayor of Estepona Antonio Barrientos is asking for the Judge to be replaced in the pending Astapa case.

The legal defense team representing the ex mayor have claimed there are irregularities in the initial report made by the judge. These irregularities are said to be the inclusion of false data and the omission of important data that would help the defense case.

Monthy Telphone Bill of 30,000 Euros

Apparently the town hall has a monthly telephone bill in the region of 30,000 Euros. This might explain why telephones have been cut in recent months as the town hall has struggled to pay the bill.

Only this month the town hall has gone to Telefonica cap in hand and asked for more time to pay its outstanding debts to the company – estimated to be around 350,000 Euros.

Estepona Town Hall Still Having Problems With Payroll

In little over a week the City will again have to face the payment of more than 3.8 million Euros representing the monthly salary of a workforce totaling around 1,300 workers,

Although the bank account of the town hall is currently flush to the tune of 20 million Euros (mostly gained from a land rights deal with the Saudi Royal Family) funds cannot be made available from this account under the current constitution.

No Toilet Paper in Estepona Schools

Estepona Town Hall has restored the supply of cleaning products which had been disrupted by the non-payment of 85,000 euros to the main supplying company. The last invoice has now been paid.

The situation had reached such a point that parents of students at certain schools in Estepona had been asked to toilet paper and hand gel to the schools.