Two local policemen in Estepona arrested for the alleged rape of an 18 year old woman

The 18 year old woman in question apparently invited the two police officers to her house, along with two friends. The officers had been conducting blood alcohol control.

The Court of Estepona has ordered the arrest of two police officers,  allegedly involved in a sexual assault on a woman 18 years old last Saturday. The Local police officers are aged 37 and 38 and are charged with the alleged commission of crimes including sexual assault, threats and prevarication.

On Saturday night the victim, along with two friends, arrived in Estepona to spend a few days of rest after finishing an exam. The vehicle in which they were traveling was stopped by the two officers who asked the person who was driving if he had taken alcohol, to which he responded affirmatively arguing that they were celebrating.

The group of young people, according to his version, maintained a conversation with the agents to try to avoid the fine, to which supposedly they agreed that the police officers could come to the house of the victim to have a drink.

The police appeared in the house uniformed and carrying cocaine, according to the victim. Upon seeing the situation, her friend left the house after having a panic attack and called the Ambulance services and the National Police. Meanwhile the agents stripped the other girl, put the cocaine on her naked body and began to consume it. The male friend who was still in the house asked them to stop but one of the agents took him out of the room. It was at this time, according to the victim, that she was attacked.

According to police sources, when the National Police went to the house the Ambulance services provided medical care to the girl and the protocol of sexual aggression was initiated. Subsequently, the girl was taken to the Costa del Sol Hospital.

The mayor of Estepona, José María García Urbano, commented that once the Town Hall became aware of the arrest warrant of the two local police officers, he immediately ordered the suspension of employment and salary of both. 

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